Oranges aren’t Orange?

I have a quick minute before my friend Taylor and I have to go catch a taxi, so a word of explanation for my blog title before I embark on my cross-provincial adventure:
The oranges here in Cambodia are, in fact, green! Nevertheless, they’re still called “oranges” in English. They taste like oranges, and smell like oranges, and they are oranges…just green. (Can you tell this is a novelty to me?)

As I mentioned, today we’re journeying across the Mekong River, to O Reang Ov, about a half-hour south of us. It will be nice to have a break from the usual routine of studystudystudy have lunch studystudystudy have dinner study go to bed. ^_^


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  1. Patrick


    I will read your blog religiously.

    And since I really don’t have any professed religion, my focus and dedication will not be distracted.

    Best of luck!


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