Kampot Province: Home Sweet Home (or something)

This week is our site visit. All of us went our separate ways in small groups to the main towns of our new provinces. My new province, where I will move after swear-in, is Kampot. Kampot is by the sea and is beautiful. It has a lot of trees, water (rivers), and mountains. Because of the sea it is a little cooler than Kampong Cham, but gets more rain. The last two days I spent in my new village, Tram SorSor (I think?), and met my new family, saw my new house, and visited my new health center where I’ll be working every day. It’s going to be a huge adjustment, and I’m a little angry at myself for getting so attached to my training family. Every day that I’ve been gone my “big sister” Tidah texts me long, cute messages in broken English about what am I doing, have I eaten rice yet, what did I eat, my family misses me (“We miss you big big!!” if that’s not “cute Asian” I don’t know what is), etc etc etc. My new family, on the other hand, is… a little slow to warm up to me. I keep telling myself it will just take time to build new relationships, it’s all going to be okay, but the prospect of leaving my current host family in three weeks is looming. Not to be melodramatic, but I would trade my beautiful Kampot province site and my new house with 24-hour electricity, tile floors, and running water to live anywhere with my current family. I will have lots of time to become a part of my new family, and there will also be opportunities to visit my old family, which is true of all the PCTs.

On the other hand, Kampot Town is crazy cool. Western food (albeit expensive), shopping, and mountains surrounding a river. Yeah, it’s nice. I will be able to visit here often, which is a perk, and apparently all the other PCVs will come to visit me and the other 6 people in my K4 group, because of its awesomeness. But now I have to eat burritos (yes, there are burritos), so you’ll have to excuse me!



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2 responses to “Kampot Province: Home Sweet Home (or something)

  1. Drewski

    Glad you’re back to posting. Please disregard the part of my letter where I asked if you’re going to post any more 🙂 Also, did your addy change? I mailed the Embassy’s PO Box in Phenom Penh.

    Wanna go traveling in SE Asia next Summer? I could get my passport and we could go play Tropic Thunder in ‘Nam.

  2. Kashif Syed

    It sounds scary to leave your old family behind, even while the new place sounds exciting, too. I know what it’s like to relocate! Good luck.

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