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When Good Blogs Go Bad

So, I’d planned to update my blog about some exciting happenings and goings-on lately, but unfortunately have been unable to access the host site of my blog,

Why, inquiring minds want to know?

Not unlike China, Iran, and numerous other governments around the world, the Cambodian government’s “got issues”. Or rather, it takes issue with its citizens having free range over the whole of the internet, especially blogging sites where they might possibly say something that indicates an opinion, or (heaven-forbid) some semblance of critical thinking.

Recently various internet service providers/phone companies in Cambodia have been asked by the government to block access to various sites, in some cases restricting access to most blogging sites (such as Blogger and WordPress). Hm, blog is a funny word. Sometimes I’m reminded of that if I say it several times in a row. Blog blog blog. Anyhoooo… Naturally, many of these phone companies “could not be reached for comment” when asked why they complied with the government’s request. The Cambodian Daily and other newspapers, and the VOA, report pretty regularly on “sorry, you can’t access so-and-so-dot-com anymore” and “Hun Sen = internet dictator”, and young Cambodian internet users for sure don’t like it, but at the end of the day consumers throw up their hands and say, “What can we do?” You don’t say no to the Cambodian government.

In spite of all this, I’ve had consistent access to Livejournal for this entire time. Just goes to show that Livejournal has traversed so deep into the Ninth Circle, it’s not even worth the Cambodian government’s time to block it. It’s all those darned ads, I tell you! Sell-outs…


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