So, I have some news. It will sound like kind of big news, but in reality it’s not, I suppose.

I have struck out “on my own”, you might say. That is, I have resigned from Peace Corps and am pursuing other opportunities now.

I moved to Phnom Penh; living in the city is drastically different from living in a rural village here, as you might imagine. Here I have access to NGOs with whom I can work on shared interests. I am also teaching, as a means of supporting myself. As it turns out, I actually really like to teach! Right now I’m just teaching English, but there might be a chance to teach other subjects, too.

The NGO I’m mainly interested in is one called GADC, Gender and Development for Cambodia. My experiences here have led me to become very interested in the situation of Cambodian women, and what can be done about it. GADC is unique for many reasons, including that they are not pursuing a government agenda but base their development on research conducted in-country, especially by listening to the needs of women as women tell them.

That is, in brief, what I’m up to. Another reason for the move was that things at my health center kind of stagnated; the staff (especially the chief) were very organized before I got there, and while they tried to be very supportive of me they didn’t want me to “shake things up”. Their method was working, so I guess it’s like they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Obviously, I really like Cambodia or I wouldn’t be staying here! Things in the city are all kinds of different, which will make for some interesting blog posts. Now that things are settled down, I will be posting more, sorry for the writing drought!


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