On the Up and Up

Alas, this title doesn’t really refer to me…

Eileen noted a couple months ago that my neighborhood is “on the up and up”: they were building a BBQ Chicken (Korean fast food franchise) combined with a Swenson’s Ice Cream shop on the corner of Kampuchea Krom by Santormok High School a five minute walk from my house. At the time I was a little concerned that the traffic was gonna get even crazier than it already was. Turns out I was right, but that’s not the only problem…

So they finished that corner and it’s been open for a while, Β and something strange has happened in the past couple of weeks. Everything around here has gotten more expensive. My coffee lady went up to 50 cents. Rice at the market is about 14 cents more than before. Even my rent got hiked! $10, but when you’re not expecting it and you just bought a new fridge which eats lots of electricity, it’s kind of an unpleasant surprise.

A small new coffeeshop (where I’m sitting right now, actually) also opened, which is owned by a Khmer family. I thought, oh how nice, they’re so reasonably priced and I practically have the whole place to myself. Wrong! Every time I’ve been here I’ve encountered at least 2 other foreigners, usually Australian, English or American. WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM?? Up to this point the only foreigners I’ve seen have been the missionaries that ride their bikes through this neighborhood and the German guy whose Khmer wife sells fruit at the market.

The problem is not so much the barangs, themselves. It’s that I have this strange feeling I’m about to get priced outta here…

But maybe I’m on the up and up a little, myself. I have a new fridge, after all! Thanks, Ma & Pa. πŸ˜‰ Β 




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6 responses to “On the Up and Up

  1. p.s. Parents, notice the new surge protector. πŸ˜›

  2. mom

    Very nice, very nice. And your neighborhood? It’s all your fault for buying that fridge. Maybe your neighborhood is just becoming gentrified, or in PP, “barangified”.

  3. mom

    Hey, why don’t you be cordial to the “foreigners” and maybe you’d make new friends!

    • That’s not a bad idea, but I’m just such a bigot. πŸ˜› I seem to recall us having this talk when I was in middle school: “If you’d just be nice to them, the other kids would like you!” Seems I’ve regressed.

  4. mom

    Did you ever get those books to the PCV who replaced you in Tram Sasar?

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