A lot people, including Cambodians, say that there are only two or three seasons here: hot season and rainy season, or hot season, rainy season, and cool season. As for me, I tend to think of many seasons: hot, dry season, hot rainy season, cool rainy season, windy season, and cool dry season. But however many season there “really” are, one can’t deny that this year has been a little strange.

Normally when it stops raining, I’m told, it STOPS. Rainy season usually peeters out at the beginning of December, wherein begins the windy season. But it’s the middle of January, and something strange has happened lately… It’s still raining. Actually, we’ve had some crazy storms at night lately. I am told that these are the effects of global warming. When the weather is “strange”, Cambodians speculate about this a lot. It can be seen as an omen of things to come. My friends tell me that this is a sign that the world “is not right”. Hm.

View from my apartment balcony.

Anyhow, I’m not looking forward to hot, dry season, which is right around the corner. The weather has been blissfully, unseasonably cool, and quite windy, and quite cloudy. It’s been great. The equatorial sun is so intense at times that you can really feel yourself getting skin cancer, but even midday these past few months it’s been cloudy– and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The clouds also make for interesting skies and beautiful sunrises/sunsets.

I’ve decided that I don’t post nearly enough stuff about fruit on my blog, so I’m going to start a new “series”: ‘A Year in Fruits’. Now, there are way more than 12 kinds of fruits here, so I can’t really do a “fruit of the month”. I’ll probably post more like a bi-monthly fruit. My life doesn’t so much rotate around weather seasons here as it does fruit seasons, which are far more delicious, anyway. “Fruits of the Month” coming soon!

Holidays are also a seasonal thing around which my life is shaped. Right now is Chinese New Year. I think I’ve mentioned that Cambodia has three “new years”: Chinese, “International”, and Khmer. The year begins again three times annually. 🙂 Not really; instead of having the affect of making me feel like things are “beginning again” three times a year, it kind of diminishes the importance of “beginnings” altogether. Actually, for me, the “year” really begins around July– because that is the season I first arrived here. So technically I’m only in the August of “my” year… But let’s not make things complicated.

Okay, this post is really random and unfocused, so I’m going to go!

p.s. these are some beautiful birds that a lady at my market wanted to sell to me for twenty bucks last week. No, I did not give into temptation… 😉

sa'at! (beautiful!)



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5 responses to “Seasons

  1. mom

    I don’t think birds are happy in cages. Is it a parrot?

  2. Good job not taking the bird – they’re a major pain in the ass! (It’s like having a 3-year-old child that never grows up).

  3. mom

    I love the blue in the picture of the neighborhood. Used Eileen’s camera? Will your webcam take stills?

  4. Yeah, that’s Eileen’s camera, it has great colour balance. The webcam can take stills, though it has to be hooked up to the computer, of course.

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