I’ll Be Right Back

I broke it to my students today that I will be heading back to the States for a visit soon, so I won’t be able to finish this term with them. They were surprisingly upset! It felt like a compliment. “Nooooo, chur, don’t go!” (“Chur” is their word for “teacher”– as in, they are too lazy to say the “tea” part.) I was also surprised at how sad I was; I get attached easily, I guess. I’ve only been teaching them a month.

Our Take Back the Night art exhibit opens Wednesday evening. Nervous! Excited! I hope I don’t have to give a speech… I’m not planning on it. I’ll foist it on Eileen if it comes to it. ^_^

Getting nervous for Vietnam/the States. If my travels hither and thither go off without a hitch, I will have leveled up. In maturity, that is.

Also, I am still very subconsciously racist: I use a lot of smilies when I chat with people online and I was thinking to myself, “Asia is rubbing off on me– too many emoticons.” Tsk tsk. At least I caught myself that time. (Which, isn’t that a stupid thing to think? Have I ever had tasteful discretion when using emoticons? Doubtful. Very doubtful.)


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  1. teensblogfreely

    So sad. I bet they’ll miss you.

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