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The Avengers in Cambodia

This is going to sound like old news to most of you, since The Avengers opened a month ago, but this was opening weekend here in the Kingdom! This is about the third movie I’ve seen here on the big screen– and this time in 3D, no less!

The movie, itself, was pretty awesome– written and directed by Joss Whedon, so naturally funny. But an epic comic book movie experience is only fulfilling if it has the right crowd dynamics. And I have to say, the Phnom Penhers didn’t disappoint. It was a diverse crowd, mostly Khmer but lots of foreigners, too: Americans, Brits, Africans, Indians, Koreans… But evidently with a shared love of Marvel heroes. The banter and approving applause at various points was reminiscent of movie-going with my comic bookie friends back home. The Khmer women sitting next to me very much liked Captain America.

So what else did the Avengers do this week in Cambodia? They saw the sights, of course.

The Avengers at Angkor Wat.


The Avengers at the King’s Palace.


Black Widow at the beach in Kep.


(Do I have other things I should be doing besides photoshopping copyrighted pictures? But of course!)

I have no complaints about the film (well, one could always launch into an academic or feminist discourse about it, I suppose), except for one…

*Plot Spoiler!*


They killed Phil, wtf!

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